“I worked with Niall over a six-month period during a change management phase within my organisation. Niall helped me to explore the possible roles I could play within the possible new structure. Having Niall to vet out opportunities with an unbiased lens was incredibly valuable.   In addition, we worked on articulating my strengths based on a 360-degree feedback exercise we conducted.

 Niall is observant, sincere and a great listener. I’m very grateful to have worked with Niall during a challenging period professionally and highly recommend his services to anyone who is looking for some direction with their life and career.” 

Professional Services Employee, Higher Education Sector, Ireland – March 2021

"I had a most rewarding journey with Niall over the last year. His encouragement in each session facilitated me to self-analyze, nourish myself and help me a better and kinder person to myself.

For that I am grateful to him"

Banking Professional

“I had never considered one-to-one executive coaching for myself, even though I saw first hand the benefits the rest of my management team got from their sessions, I felt I just didn’t have the time to take part. However, when I realised that I had the opportunity to be coached by Niall Lehane, I jumped at the opportunity. I would have met Niall on a couple of occasions over the years in his previous career and was seriously impressed by his successes and business acumen. The timing was equally great, our sessions ran for six months in 2020, at a time when the whole world was turned on its head and change was the only constant. The sessions carved out the time for me to focus, reflect and talk out business ideas and ambitious plans for growth in a confidential setting. In every session and to every challenge, I always wanted to know and did ask ‘what would you do Niall?’, but Niall had a way of replying with the right questions to support me in seeing the challenges and opportunities from different view points. It wasn’t the easy quick fix I wanted, but ultimately I found this most beneficial and indeed the pieces of my business life puzzle, especially the ones that I struggled with the most, started to fit into place and it was clearer to see the bigger picture – I have made some really big changes both in terms of personal and professional growth since that first session. My message to every other busy business leader is that you are absolutely worth that time out just for you and you’re in experienced business hands with Niall Lehane.”

-         Alison Ritchie, MD, Polar Ice Ltd.

“I have experienced a very rewarding 8 months of coaching with Niall Lehane. I found the Coaching experience to be transformative, enjoyable and challenging, facilitated by a person who has the gift of being very professional, warm, knowledgeable and interesting.

In a time where there are multiple challenges and varied demands on our entire team, it was difficult to identify personal and professional goals and priorities. Through Niall’s techniques, I was able to make significant moves towards these goals throughout the Coaching process. Niall adapted to the needs and demands of my business and used his people skills to ensure the methodology I used, worked effectively for me.

I have found the experience to be very positive and it has been an absolute pleasure to be coached by him. I can wholeheartedly recommend Niall to anyone who is looking for professional coaching.”

EOD - Aviation Industry

Niall Lehane, Probitas, has been a tremendous support and guide to me professionally. Niall has a great ability to assist you focus your thoughts which allows you to open up on issues at work. He was really good and insightful in helping me rationalise these issues and then to come up with an organised and sensible process to tackle and resolve the issues.

I have found the experience to be very positive. I gained great practical knowledge to assist me in the management and organisation of my professional life and to focus on tasks that are important to me.

I found Niall easy to speak to and flexible to my schedule. He was empathetic on a personal level which helped open my views to the techniques used. I was able to successfully apply my learning to my professional life. I thoroughly enjoyed our sessions and found the support and techniques invaluable for my personal development.

BC- Aviation Industry

"I found each session helpful and relevant to my role within the business and would like to thank you Niall personally for the way you helped me to question my approach.

I also have found that I have definitely become more self-aware, so that I reflect more when I make decisions that impact people and the business in general. I thank you for the encouragement you gave me, to realise I was on the right path in most areas is much appreciated."

TP -  Packaging Industry

"...really enjoyed the sessions and helped me think about the bigger picture a lot more than I would’ve done . . . . . "I think everyone should do it in one form or another as it really helps to open up and think about areas that I just wouldn’t have revisited without the sessions" 
AF - Packaging  Industry

"....helped me focus on multiple goals across both work and home life and I really appreciate your time."

PF - Pharma Industry